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        Jiana talent concept

        We aim to create a platform of happy work and life by adhering to the talent concept of "people oriented and giving full play to their advantages". We will establish a sound system and earnestly implement it, and spare no effort to foster an enterprise value of co-creating and sharing, making employees forming a community of interests, responsibility, emotion and value together with the enterprise.

        Our mission:

        "Focus on new energy and create new drive". We will develop and utilize foreign resources based on ternary, cobalt and copper industries and powered by scientific and technological innovation; and strive to develop the nonferrous metal new material, to build Jiana Energy into a world-class supply base of electronics, electric power, and battery materials and create the world's leading new energy material operator.

        Compensation and benefits

        To attract and retain excellent talents, we offer competitive compensation and benefits in the industry. The company will adjust the salary on a regular basis according to the annual operating conditions, salary level at the labor market, margin of price rise and individual performance. Our compensation and benefits measures are mainly as follows:

        • Social insurance and housing fund

          Pay social insurance and housing fund for employees according to the relevant provisions of local government.??
        • Paid leave

          Employees can enjoy paid leaves (national holidays, sick leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, etc. )
        • Year-end bonus and Chairman’s Award

          Employees can have year-end bonus and Chairman’s Award according to their job performance appraisal satisfaction and related project construction achievements, etc. every year.?
        • Other subsidies

          Mountainous region subsidies, night snack subsidies, education background subsidies, phone subsidies, and length of service subsidies, etc.
        • Performance management

          The company will carry out performance appraisal once or twice a year, to evaluate and improve employees' performance continuously.
        • raining and development

          We are delighted to provide sustainable development space and opportunities for employees. We offer our employees with various forms of training and development. We encourage innovation and undertaking more responsibilities, and provide promotion and development opportunities for dedicate, progressive, innovative and outstanding employees.
        • Employee benefits and entertainment?

          Recreation activities
          Employees shall pay 20 yuan/people/month for recreation activities, which are withheld from the monthly salary. The company will organize recreation activities according to the standard of 500 yuan/year/people.
          Physical examination
          The company will arrange a routine physical examination for all regular employees once a year.
          Festival welfare
          The company will grant 100 yuan to all employees for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, Company Establishment Day and at the first day after returning to work from Spring Festival.
          Cultural and sports activities
          Employees can organize and participate rich activities after work, including reading books and magazines in the reading and function room. Carry out various sports activities by using the complete sports facilities in the living quarters, such as indoor and outdoor basketball court, badminton court, and table tennis table, etc. We encourage and provide certain funds to support such activities.?? We will hold Jiana Energy sports meeting integrating competitiveness and interestingness once a year. Employees can contribute to the official accounts, and talk about life and idea.
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